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Viral Marketing

How a Delhi NCR based Dermatology Clinic Saved “a Million” Hours on Video Production & Optimization and Achieved a 555% ROI

Problem Statement

Investments in YouTube as a Channel was giving very poor results:

  1. Low Viewership of Channel b.
  2. Low Engagement
  3. Low Content Views
  4. Zero impact on Business (Poor ROI)


Online Videos are 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. Viral videos are the lottery winners, which deliver content that could transform your brand from a relatively unknown company into a household name, in only a few days of time.

Step-1 Video Strategy Powered by Video Concept development

Step-2 Creative Video Production Stage

Step-3 Boost Strategy

Interventions Done

1. We first developed a Video Content Strategy Blueprint providing unique strategies for the clinic to leverage YouTube and video marketing to become their largest source of social traffic

2. Video was then Produced including all the major elements so as to make the video interactive which would yield result and also provided value to their audiences, and positive brand exposure

3. We were then able to leverage that video upon publication backed by powerful Optimization.

Business Outcomes

Increase in Traffic from Youtube and thereby providing Business growth.

Impressions in first 20 days, along with 50,000 views and 40,000 Unique visitors to the channel organically whereas on an average any video on this channel used to achieve maximum of 2000 views only.

New Subscribers from a single Video

High Engagement
Received 700+ likes(10x growth), 6x surge in Direct enquiries(Comments) for the Service by the Target Patient(audience) and Increased footfall of not only nearby patients but International as well.

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