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YouTube Marketing

How we Increased Youtube Videos Views by 340% for a Multi Centre Dental Chain based out of Delhi/Gurgaon ?

Problem Statement

For a Dental Clinic having its YouTube Channel since 3 years with only a handful videos, Channel was almost on dead mode. Post 2 months association with us, We were able to make that channel grow. The Challenges were-

  1. To grow a relatively new channel
  2. Reach our videos to the target users
  3. Build an asset that could give results for years.
  4. The YouTube channel had few videos, but those videos were not present in YouTube search results even for brand keywords.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, having over 1 BILLION users worldwide. This makes YouTube a fantastic marketing channel for Businesses, But only uploading Videos is not enough for success in YouTube, each & every content needs to be optimized for growth.

Video Content Strategy

  • Trend & Competition Analysis
  • Topic and Storyline Identification

Scalable Youtube Optimization

  • Keywords Identification
  • Tag Counts
  • Tag Volume
  • Keywords in title
  • Keywords in description
  • Tripled Keywords
  • Ranked Tags
  • High Volume Ranked Tags
  • End screens
  • Cards
  • Des word count
  • Pinned comment
  • Hearted comment

KPIs & Monitoring

  • Video Views
  • Engagement Rate
  • Video Ranks on Related Keywords
  • Channel Views
  • Contribution of Video Views from different Sources

Interventions Done

1. Evaluation of the Channel and Trend Analysis helped us to Create Personalized Video Content Strategy to create Quality Content

2. A/B Testing with Meta tags & thumbnails was done. Thumbnails were designed with an understanding of User Psychology

3. We optimized the video title to increase the click-through-rate and we front-loaded the video’s keywords

  • Enabled comments with approval to make the video appear ‘friendlier’ and more engaging
  • Added relevant video tags
  • Made the hyperlinks in the description box clickable
  • Added a channel header image that included the web address to encourage people to visit the site

4. Regular Quora marketing was done to create Off-page links of Videos and Regular monitoring of all activities were done.

Business Outcomes

Youtube Search Results
A Video after few hours of publication, ranked in YouTube Search in 2 of the Video Tags used.

2X Views
Traffic(or Video Views) i.e., Double the average view on any existing video on Publication day)

2X Comments
The Video also received 2x Comments and 3x Likes(in a weeks).

Growth of the YouTube Channel upon our Association(on First month) and subsequently 35% growth month-on- month.

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