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Sales Funnel Approach


How our Gurgaon based 200-bedded Hospital client successfully generated 10X Business for its IVF Vertical just by Investing the budget smartly in multiple directions with Ichelon’s Sales Funnel Approach

Solely based on AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) model of consumer decision making, Sales Funnel Approach is Ichelon’s one of the most successful and conventional ways of running and marketing business online.

Phase:1 Creating Awareness

  • To ensure, no direct focus on selling services [for 1 complete month
  • Promoting Social Media Pages to the targeted audience for increasing awareness
  • In order to Build Credibility among viewers, focus on promoting Testimonials and Success Stories

Phase 2: Enabling Integrated Marketing Mix

  • Direct Interviews with Client to understand Consumers Concerns
  • Blog Marketing on every single consumer’s concern & explaining how client’s Services could be useful
  • Landing Pages created for specific blogs and Facebook Pixel was integrated
  • SEO Experts to enable Focused Content Marketing techniques to get organic ranks and traffic

Phase 3: Social Media Marketing

  • Custom Audience Ads: For segregating and targeting users at each level of buying chain
  • Remarketing Ads: are enabled to ensure people who spend more time on blogs get to see the follow-up lead generation ads regularly
  • Messenger Ads and Whatsapp Ads as a follow up to Video Ads are used to target people who have seen testimonial videos for a substantial time period
  • Behavior-Based & Interest-Based Dynamic Ads for cost optimization and best results

Problem Statements

Major problem areas Identified were:

  • How to generate more leads by utilizing the same Ad Budget
  • How to increase Conversion Rates
  • How to Increase Confidence in consumers around Client’s services
  • Higher Cost per Leads in Smaller Areas like Rewari, Bhiwadi
  • For Reach Ad, there were a Higher number of disqualified Calls
  • Increasing the Ad Budget had no effect on the number of leads(just increases CPL)

Interventions Done

In order to ensure conversions we created Multiple Smart Facebook Audiences & targeted them accordingly.

  • Created a Custom Audience for those who Viewed Blog but Not Visited on Landing Page
  • Those Who Visited landing Pages after Viewing Blog
  • Those who came from Other Sources to the Landing Page
  • Those who Engaged with Client’ FaceBook Page Posts in Past Months
  • Those who Asked Queries in Messenger about the Service
  • Four Separate – Interest Based Audience(Interests in Pregnancy-related Keywords & magazines, Parenting related Keywords, Child related keywords, etc)
  • Above all, we created a Special Audience based on the Behaviors of Our Ideal Patient, We Targeted Women who have interests in TV serials & Cookery Shows

Lead Generation

  • As we have multiple locations for Target, We decided to perform A-Z testing.
  • Using the Power of Facebook Campaign Budget optimization, We gave full Control to do A-Z test on Each and Every Audience in-depth & analyse their performance in Every Region Separately. (Meaning For Every Location, we created multiple Ad Sets to test every audience)
  • Facebook automatically detects Best, Average & Below Average performing Audience & Utilize full budget only in Good Audience by limiting the impressions of Average and Below Average Audiences.
  • We Generated 5 times more leads to what was Generated in Previous Months by utilizing the same Budget in Facebook Ads
  • We decided to schedule Our Call Ads in Working Hours only

Business Outcomes

More Potential leads Generated utilising the same budget

Of more leads were converted using reminder ads

Cost per lead was reduced then the average (as per Industry Standards)

More Business was generated as compared to previous months

More Impressions were generated on the Ads using Smart Audience Approach.

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