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Video Content Marketing

How a 200 Bedded Hospital based out of Delhi, leveraged Videos through Video Content Marketing to create 200% more traffic to YouTube Channel & website in 3 months using Ichelon’s Video Content marketing Approach

Problem Statement

1. To take the Youtube Channel (which was stable bringing good traffic) to another level.
2. To Reach our videos to more users using 360 degree approach.


Large number of Businesses are taking advantage of Video Content Marketing to stand out from the competition, in true sense using it as a medium of creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Video Content marketing could help increase the reach and brand recall by 10X/100X/1000X with time

Step1: YouTube Channel Audit The Hospital relies a lot on International Marketing for more than 40% of Its revenues.
The Intent was : –
Step2: 360 degree Video. Funnel Strategy and Support Channels Identification

Types of Channels Involved

  • YouTube
  • YouTube Stories
  • Instagram Post/Story
  • Facebook Post/Story
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok
  • Likee
  • Anchor

Step3: Trend Analysis for Content Strategy and Planning
Step4: Micro & Macro Strategy
Step5: Video Production (of various lengths based on the channel type)
Step6: Content Publishing Across Platforms and optimizations done backed by user psychology studies

Interventions Done

1. We first analysed the YouTube Channel and the result it was bringing
2. Then developed a 360 degree Video Funnel Strategy for the hospital to leverage YouTube and Video Content Marketing
3. Trend analysis study was done for solid Video Content development
4. Content development took place keeping all the Video engagement factors handy Micro & Macro Strategy was developed and based on trend analysis & this strategy
5. Videos were then Produced including all the major elements so as to make the videos interactive which would yield result and also provided value to their audiences, and positive brand exposure
6. Several Videos were published on different Platforms(Content optimized as per different channels) as per the schedule and full Video Funnel was made to get the maximum result possible along with Enhanced YouTube Marketing backed by User psychology.

Business Outcomes

500% More Views
After Three Months of inception, It was observed that Views on that YouTube channel received in last 3 months was 1.2x of the views received in last 11 months before inception. It was huge Jump in the Channel Performance & Metrics.

Increase in International Users who were coming to the Website and YouTube from the different channels where Video Content marketing was done.

200% More Results
The Complete 360 degree video marketing proved to be double folding the earlier outcome & the Business benefits. Also not only YouTube Channel was built as an Asset but all the other platforms as well proved to be asset to the Hospital.

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