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Value of adding relevant LSI Keywords(stemming) in the content for an alternative medicine brand

Problem Statement

In an industry where performance on SERP is limited by the traffic on major keywords. It is very important to work on your organic traffic with an intent to receive positive outcomes with working on smart low and medium competitive keywords. The switch in strategy is always a troublesome scenario and need smart working to achieve smart outcomes in a small period of time


Search engines view these similar keywords as synonyms, which can subsequently help extend your reach if you want to make the most of your SEO campaigns. Keyword stemming is generally accomplished by adding prefixes or suffixes to keywords as modifiers and pluralized versions of keywords.

Interventions Done

We utilized the smart methodology of working on LSI keywords around business keywords which already had good traction for the brand under consideration. The focus was to leverage the presence of the current brand and its SERP performance. The focussed was laid on supporting user with direct long tail content which they search in connection to their major search intent. This not only increased our traffic but also helped the platform with its customer engagement, which further boosted the overall performance on SERPs.

Business Outcomes

Youtube Search Results
50% growth in traffic over a period of one month

Significant improvement in SERPs for the associated keywords.

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