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Advanced SEO

How we helped a Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi/NCR get his Website Ranks in First Page in lot of Surgery/Service related keywords in a matter of 6 Months using Ichelon’s Advanced SEO work frameworks

Problem Statement

The Client had spent more than 3 Lac Rs. In SEO, but

1. The website keywords never reached in the top 4 pages on any keyword
2. The website ranked poorly in all performance parameters
3. Post Googles April 2018 Update, the website was majorly impacted
4. A lot of Duplicate/Mediocre Content on the site
5. Zero Business conversion through Organic Route


Study of 100+ Non-Performing Websites Helped us Identify the Core Pillars for Ichelon’s Advanced SEO Approach

Major issues with previously done SEO
1. 40% Duplicate/Scraped Content
2. 10% Regular Backlinks Drop or Poor Backlinks
3. 30% Keyword Stuffing
4. 20% Hacked/Spammed/Poor Speed Website

Ichelon’s Advanced SEO approach helps its Clients
1. Faster and Stable Website Ranks
2. More Website Footfall and Higher Conversion Rate

A. Website Design/Behavior/Performance Correction

  • Speed/Performance and Size
  • Spam Removal
  • Page Redesigns
  • Mobile Compatibilities

B. Diffused Content Marketing

C. Quality Backlinks

  • Good Content Gets Higher Acceptance

Interventions Done

1. Speed/Size/Performance related issues were rectified in the first month
2. Blogs and Other Non-Service Pages were made ‘Unfollow’
3. On-site Optimization of Website was redone from the scratch and Content was redone on all the Service Pages
4. Implemented Diffused Content Marketing powered Advanced SEO and Cross Channels Promotions were done
5. The Content was well indexed and link juice was drawn for some of very powerful sites.

Business Outcomes

Major Service Keywords in 6 Months were in first page

Visitor per month on Pinterest

Website Footfalls received from Quora

Both Website and Desktop Speed.

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