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Products Interests Brands

How a premium quality Bicycle Selling E-Commerce client generated 8 times more revenue to what was invested by utilizing the power of PIB Approach in Facebook Ads

Problem Statement

  • Before Client Came to us he was facing difficulties in converting Leads due to local competition in the market.
  • Wanted to invest smaller budgets in Facebook Ads
  • Cost per lead was High during Weekdays
  • Number of Disqualified Leads was Significant.
  • Right Demographic Targeting was a Concern in Small Area

Our approach

PIB (Products-Interest-Brands)

PIB (products-Interest-Brands) approach of running ads helps small/medium brands pitch directly to the existing audience of known/premium brands, thereby help generate relevant impressions, clicks and greater returns

Major Indications for PIB Approach

  • This approach generates leads that are interested in premium quality services only.
  • In this approach, Right GeoTargeting is a must along with Creatives being built using Design Thinking.

Let’s look at the various steps involved in PIB approach

  • Brand Identification- Brands popular amongst the people are identified for a service for the Targeted Age Group and Geography.
  • Need Generation- Persona-Based Creatives are created using the Design Thinking Approach which is specially built to generate need among people & pushes them to Click on them.
  • Lead Forms- Exhaustive questions in Lead Forms forces people to provide as much information as possible about their requirements.

Interventions Done

  • Identification of a big List Of Competitors was done and clubbed into 3 categories based on Internal assessment models to create a Multi-Level Interest Targeting Ad Sets.
  • Utilized the Power Game of Dynamic Ad Copies & Showed Different Ad Copy to Different Demographics (focusing on their buying Capacity)
  • Provided Exclusive Special Offers for a limited time period, in order to compete with local Competition
  • Due to Periodic Analysis of our Multiple Ad Sets, we were clearly able to differentiate between our Low & High performing Ad Sets.
  • By doing so, We started Generating Higher Number as well as Higher Quality of potential Leads

Outcomes Attained

Reduction in Cost Per Lead after Analysing & Identifying the Right AdSet for Maximum Conversion

Enhanced Engagement
Our Ads due to Persona-Based Creatives

Controlled CPC
Reduced it to 50%, by utilising the power of Design Thinking in creating Creatives

8 times more leads

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