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Google Ads

How we utilised Hyperlocal Marketing approach of Google Ads for an Aesthetic Clinic based out of Gurgaon to gain 4X return on overall Ad Spent

Problem Statement

The Client wanted to target Local Market in presence of the Steep Competitors vying to capture the eyeballs of a limited geography and demography. The Challenges were:

1. The client wanted to increase the number of potential leads in the same budget

2. Increase the number of enquiries from good demography leads from targeted areas and not from far off places.


Excellence in Ads Strategy is driven by willingness and ability to work closely with the clients on understanding their target users, their behaviour and purchase pattern. Our Hyperlocal Strategy of Google Ads is one such example.

Step-1 Utilising Hyperlocal Approach to Leads Targeting

Step-2 Zonal Mapping Technique to Identify Prospective Business Clusters

Step-3 Strategies to Maximize Impressions

Interventions Done

1. Exact Match Strategy was utilised to Improve the prospects Quality

2. SKA (Single Keyword Ad Group) were created for better Targeting

3. Targeted interests, Geographics and demographics which have already engaged with the client brands through pin targeting and 180 degree radius targeting

4. Multiple Business clusters targeting was done over a small period of time.

Business Outcomes

Rise in the leads coming from google ads

Leads were Genuine and Quality

Return on ad spent was observed.

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