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Hype Marketing Approach

How a Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinic Generated 3X more Potential Leads using Social Media Marketing, utilizing the same budget as compared to previous months.

Problem Statement

The Challenges being faced by the Client were :

  • Not able to Generate Potential Leads
  • Most of the Leads were of Low paying Capacity.
  • High Number or Disqualified Leads than Potential Ones.
  • Cost per lead was High as compared to Industry Standards
  • Users weren’t engaging with Our Ad Copies
  • Local Market Competition was creating a big dent in the Business.

Hype Marketing Approach

Scenario When Used : Demand is Low or Fallen for a product/service due to external political/social/economic factors

Intent: Is to Generate Business by ‘Going with the Flow’ approach i.e. Hype Marketing Approach of Ichelon

Steps involved in Hype Marketing Approach

  • Premium Ad Copies are Created with Design Thinking Approach to Attract Patients
  • Multiple Dynamic Carousel/Creative Ads are created to Identify Best Performing Ad Copy with an Objective of Generating Maximum Number of Impressions
  • Standard Interest-Based Approach Clubbed with “Trending Interests” ads, to target things about which people are already talking.
  • Lead Forms Structuring be made more Exhaustive to take out as much information as possible

Interventions Done

  • Researched thoroughly in latest trending News, Viral topics, Trending Memes, what’s Hot in the market, What’s the Hype in the Market Strategically as Every Trending News can’t be used as a Target inside Facebook
  • Instead of Targeting All at once, we group those Interest Based on their usability and clubbed those Interests Groups into multiple AdSets and Created New Facebook Campaign
  • Dynamic Ads Approach was used as the Client wanted to Generate Leads from Rich Families also, we decided to keep different Ad Creatives for Different Status
  • Along with this, we used Design Thinking Approach while Designing New Creatives according to Special Offers and Current Market Situation
  • We decided to go with Campaign Budget Optimisation Approach along with Dynamic Ads which gave us double benefits at the same time
  • By Using Campaign Budget Optimisation, we Gave Facebook full power to decide which Adset(Interest Group) is performing better than Others

Business Outcomes

More Potential leads Generated utilising the same budget

Of more leads were converted using reminder ads

Cost per lead was reduced then the average (as per Industry Standards)

More Business was generated as compared to previous months

More Impressions were generated on the Ads using Smart Audience Approach

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