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Content Marketing

How we helped a leading ivf centre from delhi increase its organic direct website business by 100% along with increase in session duration and reduction in bounce rate, all with the help ichelon’s diffused content marketing approach.

Problem Statement
  • With Increase in Competition and Cost per clicks of various Inorganic Channels, our Client wanted Long Term Organic channel for Business
  • Average Session Duration of 1 min 05 seconds
  • Bounce Rate of 80%
  • The blog structure/font size and type required changes to made it more readable
  • Lot of Duplicate/Mediocre Content on the site
  • 600 Organic Users per month


Ichelon’s Advanced SEO vs Content Marketing: SEO is more technical and has to do with the website design, structure and behavior while content marketing is how to get more exposure online with the use of content.

Differentiating Parameters Focused Content Marketing Diffused Content Marketing
When should it be used? When Intent is to work on One Major Service. The Service is generally highly competitive and all keywords have high search volume When Intent is to work on Multiple Service areas all at once. The service areas are medium competitive or have medium search volumes as compared to other services in the same industry
Approach Step 1: Topic Identification as per trend Analysis
Step 2: 1800-2000 words of Deep Content with Infographics and Videos is Created
Step 3: Blog/Service Page SEO
Step 4: Cross Channel Promotions and Backliking
Step 1: Topic Identification as per trend analysis
Step 2 : Small but Multiple Contents of different work areas of 800-1000 words created
Step 3 : Major Service Page On-Site SEO/Blog SEO
Step 4: Back linking
Is Content Repurposing Done? YES (1:4 or 1:8 Strategy) NO
Are Backlinks Created? YES YES
Is SEO Done? Yes. Blog SEO as well as Service Page SEO Yes. Blog SEO as well as Service Page SEO

Interventions Done

1. Blog Pages were redesigned and Call for Actions were increased

2. Content Pieces with Rich Media and Videos, on trending topics were created and Onsite SEO/Blog SEO were done

3. Backlinkings on Different Organic Platforms such as

  • Medium
  • My Strikingly
  • Jimdo Free
  • Weebly

4. Some Social Media Promotions were also done to get footfalls from High Authority sites

5. Influencer Marketing, Guest Blogging and regular Content Updates were done.

Business Outcomes

Growth in the number of New Users in 3 months and 85% in 6 months

Increase in percentage of New Sessions

Increase in percentage of returning users

First Page Rankings
The Blog ranked in first 3 pages of Google Search page in less than 2 months and in first page in 4 months

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