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Instagram marketing

How a newly opened Cosmetic Brand, based out of Gurgaon built their brand on Instagram and reached to 1.2Lac users (with 2400% jump) through Instagram in just 3 Months of Inception

Problem Statement

The Challenges were-
To build and & grow Instagram page from Scratch for a Newly opened Delhi NCRbased Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.
More Organic Reach to the target users to engage target users with our Instagram Page.


With over 600 million users on the platform, Instagram has become a place where many Businesses have decided to build a presence. It’s a prime place to promote your products, connect with your Patients, and reach new people within your target market

This was done by:
1. Instagram Feed Aesthetic Visualization & Design
2. Nifty Engagement Strategies
3. Thoughtful Engaging Content (Video/ Image) Creation Powered by Stroy Telling.
4. Instagram Optimization

Month Wise Major Focus Areas for first 6 Month of Ichelon’s Instagram Marketing

1st Month
Profile Building (with major focus on Keywords Strategy and Aesthetics. No post in first month)

2nd Month
Personal Branding or value focused content creation as a brand

3rd Month
Business Showcasing

4th Month
Engagement Activation

5th Month
Control the Uncontrollable (Unfollow Rate)

6th Month
Going Viral (powered by Collaborations and Engagement Activities for existing followers)

Interventions Done

1. Competitive analysis of industry competitors were done & Personalized Content, Aesthetics & Engagement strategy (In line with User Psychology) was made keeping goal in focus.
2. Story Telling strategy was used as a medium to connect with audience.
3. Hashtag research & addition to every post was done. Clear Call-To- Action was used in every post.
4. Nifty Strategy was implemented to increase the engagement on the page. We made Interactive Stories regularly
5. Regular Replies of Comments & DMs. Regular Study of Trend was also done. Geo-Tagging feature of Instagram was very well utilized. Few of the Best performing posts were boosted.
6. We used a combination of people and technology to enhance the growth of this account.

Business Outcomes

Increase in Impressions after first Three Months of operation

Increase in Reach of the Instagram page & posts

Increase in Profile traffic/Visit, 350% Increase in Website Traffic and 200% Increase in Calls/Enquiries from Instagram Page

Increase in page engagement i.e. Comment, Likes, Video Views etc.

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