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10 Reasons why you will need a digital marketing agency .

The last 6 to 8 months have been very difficult for businesses across the globe. Almost everybody has faced the brunt of it. While few industries have been the exception, almost all believed that there is a need for a new channel, a new approach, and a new zeal to their business. The new normal eventually would bring a significant change in the psychographics of the end buyer and they would move more and more towards digital channels. This brings us to our query for the day; why do your business need a digital presence and hence a digital marketing company in Gurgaon to support you in your endeavors.

The world is going digital: so why won’t you

I would like to highlight this fact that, growth of digital marketing in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR is not disruptive but it has happened over the last decade or so. Starting from the e-commerce companies, where the primary driver generally is convenient and it does remain an important factor for most of the services and products. Availability, affordability, quality, and credibility have also become very prominent factors for the rise of this digital drive. Even if I have to talk about a high involvement category as healthcare, healthcare digital marketing in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR has really established its own position by not only being able to represent the brand presence of the entity but also as an active channel for generating business for this category; something which not many would have believed like 5 years back.

While customer brands have benefitted from their digital presence, even enterprise brands have been able to leverage the power of digital marketing. They just need to choose the right channels and the right strategy and they would be able to reap the right benefits from their digital marketing efforts. The choice of going digital in the current context is the need of the hour and an early adoption really helps in getting the best outcomes over a period of time. In the below-mentioned pointers, we would further highlight major reasons which necessitate a digital presence and hence a reason to work with professionals in the field of digital marketing.

The most effective and efficient media for marketing

While everybody is moving to digital marketing, it also comes across as a smart business channel. The basics of marketing which starts with the right segmentation, the right targeting and the right positioning; becomes very easy with the right digital marketing channels. If you compare it with retail presence, the marketing generally is more effective. If we talk about the cost efficiency part of it, every impression or reach that you may achieve in digital media with your right audience , would cost you a fraction of the amount of what it would cost with a conventional marketing channel.

The speed of this outreach is not limited by personnel and time crunch. The only limiting resource is monetary investment, as optimal investment needs to be done to achieve best possible outcomes. While we would cover “reaching out to the right audience” in the next section , virality and outreach make this channel very fascinating. There is a distinctive reason why many of the new generation brands have been able to leverage the power of digital marketing in Delhi NCR over a small period of time. The economics of digital marketing makes it very lucrative and makes it convenient to start using the channel with minimalistic investment.

Customers of your niche are easily found on digital

Finding out the right customer is a very tedious task. First of all it’s very time-consuming and resource-dependent, secondly, capturing the buying intention of the customers we have reached out to, is very difficult. If we do not focus on the time value of money and just focus on the scalability of this exercise, most of our strategies would become unsustainable over a period of time.

When we talk about digital as a channel, the most important value that comes out is how much more we may learn about the future customer in a small timespan of A/B testing in a digital marketing exercise. Not only do we know about their geography and demographics, but we also know about their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you offer a particular service and product made for a premium segment and you want to target people of the premium category with significant net worths; you may successfully do this by targeting customers showing interest in your competitor brand or you may target customers showing interest in other premium lifestyle or utility products.

Digital as a convenience center for validation

For some of the industries, the business owners have believed that digital marketing may not act as a source of lead generation; primarily because they believe that multiple offline factors do play a significant role in the buying intention for the product category. But in these scenarios as well, the value of the discovery, convenience, and credibility do make a significant impact on the decision-making cycle of the customer. More information about your products or services through your digital footprints and customer feedback and reviews across your digital marketing presence, blogs, video marketing, and website as a center of information dissemination; allow your customer to know more about the industry and more about you as well.

While these validations help in creating more credibility for the brand, they also provide important parameters for evaluating the offering at hand and increase your chance of getting ranked higher on the customer’s willingness to buy. While in most cases they would like to initiate the buying through digital setups itself but in some of the industries, this information would be used to further choose the business provider and make their final choice by visiting the offline setup. Even, the value of retail experience has started to be captured in the user experience created in the digital world, something which has started to nullify the importance of the retail presence altogether.

Multiple channels for creating branding and business

Getting initial success for a business is very difficult but it’s more difficult to grow the business both from the perspective of scale and scope. We come across multiple businesses , which come to us for digital marketing in Gurgaon only because they are not able to scale their businesses and feel stuck with limited offline channels. Even new businesses go for digital presence with the central thought of creating massive outreach and desired reputation for their brand.

The digital strategy and use of channels depend primarily on the business objectives at hand. If we are talking about a new brand, it’s important for them to roll out the minimum viable product and do check for the customer’s buying intent and usability across multiple channels. Whether they like to go aggressive or conservative, digital marketing should be multi-channel.

The organic reach is done primarily through Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing ( diffused or focussed), YouTube Marketing, Local Business Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The Inorganic reach out is done through social media ads, google ads, influencer marketing, SMS, and Email Blasts. Online Reputation Management and Outreach Management are two bigger objectives for social media presence and both organic and inorganic routes through multiple channels help us achieve our goals.

Fair playing ground for effective reach

The most beautiful thing about social media is that it provides a fair playing ground for everybody. If you are in an industry where there is no significant digital acceptance, then, in that case, it is completely up to you, how do you want to work on this digital landscape and create an identification of your own. If you are working in an industry where significant offline and online acceptance has been created and leveraged well by the existing brands, then in that scenario, your entry is not limited by their first-mover advantage, especially in the digital landscape.

Ofcourse , it takes time to create digital assets and there is a value of time for these digital assets as well but at the same time, your entry gets the leverage of the active user base familiarity with the industry; especially if you are entering an ecommerce industry and do try to leverage presence on prominent marketplaces.

If we talk about the passive user base, especially the ones on various social media platforms, the outcomes get reflected in the profoundness of the targeting and the value you indicate to the target audience. If you know your audience, if you reach out to them and they like your offering,  even the presence of legacy brands and their experience in the ecosystem does not limit the performance of your brand.

If you are not sure about your current industry user base behavior, you may consult digital marketing companies in Gurgaon, who would help you with the right advice on consumer behavior and their buying pattern in your industry.

Easy coverage for the complete sales funnel

One of the most endearing facts about digital marketing channels is that here you know your customer and its customer behavior. For effective and efficient marketing, it is very important for us to understand what is the current phase of the customer on the sales funnel. Is it in the awareness phase? Is he/she considering some options and evaluating them? have they already shortlisted a few options and are comparing them? or whether they have already chosen a brand and now looking for quality and price efficient vendors for the same?

Knowing the current phase of the customer on the sales funnel would allow us to target them differently with different value propositions so that they could move easily in the sales funnel. While a holistic strategy to use different digital channels to target different phases could be created, the most ideal strategy is to create a sales funnel strategy separately for each channel; remarketing and automation really helps to achieve the objective at hand. Your digital footprints, especially your social media channels, your websites and your affiliate presence, should have tools to track the customer journey. Once you are able to track the customer journey, you would be able to retarget your audience with custom communications and offers that would help to maximize your marketing outcomes.

Automation and remarketing not only ensures that your lead conversion and engagement rates are increased but also helps in creating brand resonance and stronger brand meaning for your company. You need to reach out to social media marketing companies in Gurgaon, who have expertise in building these strategies especially related to automation and remarketing in your industry. Personal Marketing and Remarketing in multiple industries are limited as per social media platforms guidelines. You need to have a clear understanding of these guidelines before starting to invest time and money on both.

Going global: International, national and local spread with digital

Would it not be fantastic, if our scale up story does not follow a traditional route. With retail and offline marketing , geographical scale up is limited by the ability to invest into infrastructure which is mandatory to scale up operations in multiple geographies. Not only this, the risk is not only financial; a significant amount of research time and resources is needed to test a new market for your brand offerings.

With digital, going global is no longer impossible, even for a new brand in the market. While the outreach is not limited by geography barriers , the specificity of the target audience at interests level and demographic level, make the complete marketing very cost effective. With the growth of third party logistics, your customers have come very close to you.

While the geographical boundaries are shrinking, it does not mean that digital marketing is not effective in the local markets. Digital marketing for the local businesses is one of the most sought after digital marketing services, as the competition is becoming more fierce in a localized market. Whether you want to make a business model hyperlocal or you want to leverage economies of scale, digital marketing companies in Gurgaon through their multiple channels and strategies make it possible for you.

The need to beat the competitor

The biggest objective for any business is to stay ahead in the game in comparison to your competitors. While as a business, you need to work internally to ensure a competitive offering and alluring USPs, it is very important to communicate the sustainable core proposition to the masses across multiple channels. Every business is looking for new channels to market their business and if your competitor is already leveraging the digital channels, it’s time for you to be present in the digital arena to represent a strong digital branding.

Again , if we look at it from the utility perspective, different personas in the digital space, choose a brand in an industry only for its specific attributes and value propositions. We may target different user personas with different communications powered through different value propositions and stand a chance to be chosen way ahead of our competitors.

Working on the Customer Lifetime Value

Now we are going to discuss the most important point for any business: The ability to evoke customer loyalty into your current base of customers. This loyalty is measured through two major KPIs for a business, retention number and customer lifetime value. While retention refers to returning buyers, Customer lifetime value refers to the buying frequency and the customer basket value of different customer personas. Every business should focus on maximizing outcomes on both these important KPIs to grow their business profitability.

Not only your current customers become your retained users but they also become the centre of business referral and word of mouth, which over a period of time becomes the most important source of business for any business across the globe. Digital comes across as one of the most powerful channels to evoke customer loyalty in your current customers. With targeted and automated notifications through different channels, we ensure repeat buy or subscription with our customers.

A loyalty program could be completed automated depending upon their last interaction with the brand on social media or digital assets. Newsletter, offers updates and customer relationship management automation ensures a periodic connection with the customer and helps in optimizing their interactions with the brand both directly or through referrals. Wallets and referral benefits also induce periodic usage of the facilities of the brands.

A smart customer relationship management plan really creates a powerful ecosystem to ensure ever-improving profitability from the same pool of retained customers. Special focus on customer relationship management and loyalty programs should be provided and regular monitoring of customer lifetime value and retained users to be done. This comes across as a very specialized skill and some of the prominent digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon would be able to support you with a strategy.

Take Away

In this article, we have covered all the major reasons why a business should use digital as a new and potent channel for marketing. Not only it provides you a new business channel but helps build strong branding and outreach in the local, national and international markets. It helps you stand out with regards to your competitors and create a customer lifetime value like never before. The story that your brand tells in the digital arena resonates strongly amongst your target customers and makes the business outreach easier and effective for you.

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