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How to get a Video Viral on Youtube?

What is Virality? What are the factors on which it depends?

Virality is when Youtube recommends your content to its audience. Virality of Youtube content depend on many factors such as

  1. Having high-quality and engaging content (engagement duration of more than 30% helps in increasing Virality chances)
  2. Use of attention-grabbing titles and descriptions
  3. Use of relevant keywords and hashtags
  4. Cross-channels of content on various social media platforms and other online communities. 

Additionally, having an already existing strong and engaged community of followers can also help increase the visibility and reachof a video.

Ichelon has so far created 1000+ Viral Videos for our Healthcare Clients and 10,000+ Videos are ranking on the top of Youtube Search ranks.




Why should a Healthcare Organization Choose Ichelon for Viral Youtube Marketing?

A healthcare organization should choose Ichelon Consulting Group for viral YouTube marketing because

  1. Expertise: They have experience and expertise in creating and promoting videos that are relevant and appealing to the healthcare audience, and are familiar with the regulations and guidelines that apply to healthcare marketing. 
  2. Proven Outcomes : Ichelon has a strong understanding of SEO and social media marketing strategies that can be used to increase the visibility and reach of videos. 

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